Torrie’s Story

Put your best face forward.

Torrie gives each of her clients the absolute attention needed to highlight one’s assets while downplaying any blemishes or imperfections of the skin or features.  Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the client prepping for a night out, Torrie will give you the undivided attention needed to make you feel and look your absolute best.

Torrie is a licensed esthetician, which gives her a deeper understanding of everyone’s unique skin type.  This license also allows her clients to experience a whole spectrum of services including microdermabrasion, hair removal, eyelash extensions, and spray tanning.

Her genuine interest in fashion and design compels Torrie to continue her education by taking courses offered by some of the biggest brands in the cosmetics industry.  She also applies her deft knowledge to the classroom, where she occasionally teaches other professionals at the Catherine Hinds Institute of Aesthtics in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Torrie’s Educational Experience

Mount Ida College, Newton, MA.  Associate’s Degree 2003.

Institute of Skin Science, Rye, NH.  Esthetic’s License 2004.

UMass Boston, Boston, MA. Bachelor’s Degree 2013.